What to do with three small children on a summer Sunday afternoon! That was the beginning of Kildare and our life with dogs. With our Irish ancestory we decided to purchase an Irish Setter named Ben in 1976. We spent many weekends with our children and Ben, learning the world of dog showing. In 1983 the children decided they needed a smaller dog for the couch! We met our first Tibetan Terrier in Syracuse, NY and as they say "the rest is history"

       Nellie was a wonderful family pet and
a great show girl. Most of our dogs today are descendants of Nellie and her grandaughter, Tootsie who is now 15 yrs and the queen at Kildare. Of course, the children are now the "grandchildren" but the love of dogs and dog showing continues to this day.

       We are located in western Pennsylvania, a small town, Meadville.
We are about 100 miles from Pittsburgh, PA -- Cleveland OH -- Buffalo NY. We live on 30 acres and are surrounded by large old oak trees. In gaelic the name Kildare means "call of the oaks" so it seemed appropriate for our kennel name.

       We are home all day with our dogs and puppies and the grandchildren visit often to help us. We are very proud of our dogs health and temperments and we do the hip and eye certifications on all of our dogs.

       We are long time members of the Tibetan Terrier Club of America and their Breeder Referral list. We are dedicated to preserving the nice line of Tibetans from our mentors and breeders before us.

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